The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya


The “Tale of the Princess Kaguya” was directed by Isao Takahata, based on a 10th – century Japanese folktale “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter”. She was a princess from the Moon and was sleeping inside a glowing bamboo stalk.

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 When a woodsman discovered her in a bamboo forest, she had fallen asleep and awaken in khung a baby. She did not fall into sleep a hundred years. When you were a child, you might hear “Sleeping Beauty in the wood” story many times with the moral:

” Many a girl has waited long,For a husband brave or strong;But I’m sure I never metAny sort of woman yet who could wait a hundred years, 
Free from fretting, không tính tiền from fears.Now, our story seems to lớn showThat a century or so,Late or early, matters not;True love comes by fairy-lot.Some old folk will even sayIt grows better by delay. ,,
 However, every story always did not come lớn end happily ever after like the fairy tales, which were narrated by Grimm brothers or Disney’s flims. As in The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, almost time seems to lớn load greatly sadness. To lớn see how this story follows fully tragedy, this is the kind of H. C. Andersen lived in nhật bản in 10th-century. Kaguya grew rapidly into an extraordinary beauty. The parents of her became rich then her family settled in the capital, so she was actually immersed in treasures as a princess. Despite the gorgeous appearance, her talent và wealth, she has never encountered the right one. She has rejected all the noble suitors around her who chased her formidably for a long time, even the Emperor of Japan. She usually memorized her friends và beautiful memories she left behind. A part of her always wished she could come back the peaceful forest where she grew up.
Beauty Sleeping could say: “Is it you, my prince? I have waited for you long.” In that period she was waiting for her prince, could she felt how deep despair is và totally infinite hopeless?
Many ethereal reasons why the Princess Kaguya came to Earth from the Moon, in some versions of this tale, it is said that she was sent to the Earth as a temporary punishment for crime, & the best severe discipline is being. If she goes away the wood lớn be come a human being, she suffers inevitably all the joy và misery of life. Therefore that is a natural issue. Not only she did not find the lover but also the day she recognized how much she loved her parents and the Earth as the day she must return to the Moon.

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The film is constructed of hand-painted images with charcoal simple lines & pastel watercoloured hues. Literally, those images lượt thích exquisite sketchs. In the other hand, I am not exaggerate that the remarkable success of this film relies on particular soundtrack of Studio Ghibli, that was composed by a talented musician – Joe Hisaishi. The melancholy melodies were harmonized with Japanese folk music that expressed thoroughly the princess’ grief.

I have watched the extraction of “The Tale of the Princess Kaguya” opera version in Japanese Embassy. That is exciting perfomance, unfortunatelly I was deleting this clip by mistake. I really regretted about this. So sorry because the post might spoil but this film is worth for spend your time.

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