The automation of online reservations has made it possible, during all these months of pandemic, to speed up the formalization of reservations for all types of establishments. Nowadays, establishments subject to availability have advanced online reservation management programs: hotels, restaurants, cafeterias…

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Its use has even been extended to beaches, beach bars and churches, establishments that, given the capacity limitations and mobility restrictions in force to minimize the impact of the spread of the coronavirus, have had to adapt to an on-site model with prior appointment in order to continue operating with a certain degree of normality.

However, it is when it comes to incorporating it into our business that doubts arise and we do not really know which one to choose. To help you make a decision and make sure that you too have an online booking management software, we have prepared a ranking of the 10 best online booking software available today. You will see how everything changes when you start using it!

1. SuperSaaS

Its premise is as simple as it is effective, since it applies all incoming reservations to a digital calendar that can be consulted at any time and is capable of dividing the workload among different groups of the team.

In this way, each member of the facility knows what to do during their shift and has a forecast of the workload they will have, which helps them perform better by channeling resources to a specific area.

SuperSaaS is applicable to all types of establishments, as its versatility is increased by eliminating the need for specific tools. The calendar can be exported to have it at hand on the mobile or tablet, in addition to deriving updates by remote control to other devices to synchronize information and always have the status of reservations at hand.

2. SimplyBook

Although it is necessary to subscribe to one of the three payment plans to have all the functions, it has a free version that allows you to have the full calendar, which is more than enough for the vast majority of companies.

In fact, it is originally designed for family businesses and neighborhood businesses, so the interactive calendar is more than enough for the vast majority of businesses that integrate it.

Its design is based on a generic form in which all the information of the reservation is shown: personal data, estimated time, date of formalization, payment status and documents needed to finish managing the reservation. It is widely used in hostels, small restaurants, hairdressing salons and similar, where it is necessary to get in direct contact with the customer.

3. OpenFlyers

Its market niche is striking, since it is designed for companies dedicated to the motor industry: car factories, driving schools, car rental companies, aeronautical firms and similar.

It has different subscription plans to adjust the estimated time of operation and not advance the payment of months in which it is possible that the establishment does not enjoy the same volume of work, something especially useful for companies that concentrate much of their activity during the summer months.

Its virtual platform is accessible 24 hours a day and allows queries, modifications or cancellations, as well as reassignments based on customer preferences. The automatic validation and certification system allows you to show the client all the permits and legal settings of the company where the activity will be disputed.

It also facilitates the consultation of certain documents, such as traffic regulations in a given region or safety recommendations for helicopter riding.

4. Reservio

This is a program specialized in online reservations, which integrates everything necessary for the client to have everything they need to formalize the reservation and leave a deposit if desired.

Its main asset is that it is free, which universalizes its access to incorporate it in all types of businesses regardless of the sector to which it belongs.

It has automatic reminders, web notifications, telephone alerts, reservation reports, commercial suggestions, loyalty strategies and a complete overview of the weekly workload.

On the other hand, it has a web manager capable of reflecting the status of the same, with all the information at hand regarding payment, number of customers per reservation, origin and tax identification documents.

5. GetApp

In reality, GetApp is a whole conglomerate of tools capable of providing the company with the services it needs to evaluate its position in the sector, boost its performance and compare its performance with that of the competition.

But best of all, it includes, as an auxiliary tool, a reservation manager that can be used independently by all types of businesses, making it an ideal option for restaurants, hostels and other establishments that need a multimedia reservation manager.

In addition, GetApp acts as a virtual advisor that recommends applications based on the characteristics of the search. This benefits businesses in finding new proposals better suited to their needs, as they can stay abreast of future booking programs launched and see the feedback since their launch to try it out.

6. MyReserve

This is a free online booking platform for your business. It is adapted for all types of sectors: cosmetics, hospitality, transport, housing…

It is one of the most used because of the accessibility of its manager (it is totally free and does not need to be installed) and because it is one of those that best distributes the workload among team members.

Its calendar can be sent via e-mail as an editable file or as a PDF document to consult the day's bookings.

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On another device, changes made from the head office can be viewed, so that all data is perfectly synchronized when working from multiple locations at the same time.

This is especially useful in large restaurants and sales platforms where intercommunication is essential.

7. Weezevent

Not only is it an online booking manager, but it is also a check-in tool to register your access to a certain place and give a good sign of your presence. It works well in airlines, travel terminals, hotels and buildings such as museums.

In addition, its manager includes a tool to carry out a capacity count in specific spaces, which is particularly relevant at a time when capacity is limited by a variable percentage depending on the territories.

It specializes in the management of ticketing and access to mass events, having acquired special relevance for managing tickets for the Global Sport Summit and being one of the main programs for managing access to festivals, concerts and other types of mass events.

8. Koibox

It is optimized to work in hairdressing and beauty salons, since its manager has the necessary cells to store the data related to the treatment, estimated cost, appointment time, client's name and type of specialized treatment, if needed.

As it has an automatic alert manager, the system can access the database to locate the telephone number of a specific client in case of any change or unforeseen event and communicate the change of time via SMS.

If needed, Koibox also has a reminder sender capable of notifying a personalized time slot in advance of the appointment. This is very useful for communicating last-minute cancellations as soon as possible, not to mention the ghost appointments that clutter up the agenda and limit the room for maneuver of these establishments.

9. ClicAc

Its manager specializes in the rental and assignment of sports facilities. Its booking platform is designed to be integrated into the websites of the sports venues themselves, being able to formalize the reservation of a swimming pool, a tennis court or a basketball court by simply entering the booking form using a cell phone.

It is a platform that can be used both by the managers of the sports courts themselves and by the users, in order to consult the location of their plot.

Best of all, it has everything necessary for users to know the details of their own reservations: companions, time slots, rates and so on, making it a very complete service suitable for use in business and recreational areas.

10. Bookeo

It is one of the most complete and versatile platforms for all types of businesses, especially for those that have seen their capacity reduced due to the measures implemented to mitigate the spread of SARS-CoV-2.

It is a program designed to speed up reservations and provide the company with payment information, as well as to manage shifts according to the number of reservations and adapt the workload to the assigned staff.

It is ideal for hotels, restaurants and transport, although it has periodic updates aimed at expanding its scope of action. Although it is paid, it has a free version ideal for testing all its features without limit and has support for companion applications, allowing you to have at hand on any device the reservation data for the same day.

Our recommendation for you to have the best online booking software

Although all these programs have a common goal, when it comes down to it, each one has very different tools that work better in certain areas. That is precisely why it is essential to have the necessary knowledge to choose the online booking software best suited to the characteristics of our business and to get the most out of it.
To be sure that you make the right choice with your purchase and that your business will have the necessary tools to operate at full capacity, you should take into account the following aspects before choosing one in particular:

1.- The sector to which your business belongs. A fundamental aspect that should serve as a basis for choosing the most appropriate program should be the sector to which your establishment belongs.

Although there are versions of software that work well in all types of businesses, the most important thing is to have what is necessary to take full advantage of the particularities of our business, something that can only be achieved with a program that is fully adapted to our premises.

2 – The scope of the stored data. Depending on the type of business you have, you will be interested in knowing more about the customer who has made the reservation or not. For example, in a restaurant to properly manage the reservation it is essential to have the name and the total number of diners, but in other types of reservations, such as hotel reservations, it is necessary to know the length of stay and have some guarantee of payment.

There are reservations that are only formalized after a deposit has been paid, an amount that is returned at check-out to cover the venue in case of any damage.

For this reason, it is essential to adapt the characteristics of the software to those of the business, so as to have a program that really allows us to save the data we need from the reservation in order to attend to it satisfactorily.

3.- The presence of complementary tools. It is not common for this type of software to be integrated into another program, but it is becoming increasingly fashionable to incorporate a small tool into a much broader ecosystem of functions.

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In the case of online booking programs, it is increasingly common to find booking tools implemented in programs that evaluate customer behavior, their level of satisfaction and the average duration of the booking in order to study new commercial strategies.

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